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Hazmat Medical Associates - Testimonials

HAZMAT Training Appreciation
You'll love this....Before the hospital could receive its license to open, the State had to perform an inspection. The State Inspector presented to the emergency department last week as a victim of pesticide poisoning. The staff at the triage desk appropriately instructed him to go back out through the entry way and proceed to the decontamination room. In the mean time, they called a "Code Yellow" in the ED, and one of our paramedics quickly suited up in the Tychem Suit and donned an air-supplied hooded respirator. When they opened the door to let him enter the decon room, he was quite impressed with what he found. He later told the hospital President that he was "Blown away!" by the level of training and preparedness of our staff. Naturally, I was quite pleased that our training paid off. I hope that you and Bob will share my joy! Thanks for your help!

Thanks for taking the time to review and comment on our protocol. It is certainly above and beyond the call of duty.

Thanks for being part of our start-up and making it a success.

Dr. Curtis

Critique of HAZMAT Presentation
Mr. Harty gave the best presentation on HAZMAT patients I’ve ever heard.

Emer. Dept. RN – Brigham Women’s Hospital, Boston

-Improved my knowledge of HAZMAT as Trauma Director, M.D.
-Good information, excellent knowledgeable speaker!
-Why hasn’t this in-service happen before?
-Great information on how to care for the contaminated patient!
-Excellent! Would love to have Bob do more training here!
-Bob Gave an excellent presentation, easy to understand and interesting!

October 2004 – Evaluation – Level 2 Trauma Center – 68 attendees
Did you achieve your objectives by attending this class? – 100%
Was content of course relevant to your practice? – 97%
Did instructor present material in a meaningful and useful manner? – 98%
Would you wish this person to present another program here? – 98%
Were the overall program’s objectives met? – 100%

Dear Bob,
I thought that you might enjoy seeing the class evaluations. The feedback has all been positive. Thank you for doing such a great job. We will look forward to having you back in the near future for the drill.

Karyn Farquhar

Dept. of Environmental Affairs
- Brigham And Women’s Hospital




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