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Hospital Hazmat (WMD)
operational level training program

About the instructor:
Both our Hazmat and WMD training programs are two of the best in the country. Bob Harty, a former firefighter/paramedic and veteran of the U.S. Army teaches the course.  Bob has 30+ years of street experience and is a former medic with the Chicago Fire Department and the Department of Energy’s Nevada Test Site. He has been teaching hospital HAZMAT response nationally and internationally for the past 22 years. Some of his clients include U.S. Dept. Of Energy, FEMA, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, U.S. Olympic Response Teams, county/state departments of health, and hundreds of hospitals nationally. Critiques of hi classes are available on our website.

The program:
Hazmat Medical Associates’ training program is a multifaceted program that integrates both the hospitals handling of patients, and the coordination with pre-hospital responders to ensure safe patient handling and care.


  • Initial meeting with both hospital and pre-hospital personnel (fire/ems/hazmat/health depart.) to coordinate your hospital plan with the pre-hospital management and care of patients
  • Three full (8 hour) days of training including 5 hours of classroom training and 3 hours of practical training. Each class is identical in content, allowing student to choose one day of training to attend.
  • Site specific written procedures on the hospital management of the Hazmat patient (both rough/final draft).
  • A graded hospital Hazmat drill, including pre-hospital responders, will be given following completion of the training program


The federal government is indicating that the risk of a nuclear attack has increased. The risk of a “dirty bomb” as well.

We are offering a class for both prehospital-hospital care providers on how to specifically handle injured and radioactively contaminated patients.

The instructor for the class is Bob Harty. Bob has taught classes at nuclear power plants and their support hospitals and fire departments for the past 22 years, nationally and internationally on the management of injured and radioactively contaminated patients.

He has also taught classes for the U.S. Dept of Energy, Nevada Test Site, NRC, Argonne National Labs, FEMA, U.S. Olympic Medical Response Teams, and NDMS Teams.

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