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Trauma CAT
Trauma Cat Folded

Trauma CAT™ Disposable Medical Table
This fluid containment table is perfect for use for trauma, burn care, hyperthermia, patient bathing, autopsies, and theracotomy. It not only measures blood loss, but keeps you in compliance with OSHA standards for blood borne pathogens. Promotes staff safety (no fluids on floor), reduces turn around time, laundry costs, and gurney cleanup. A lightweight (2 lbs.) solution for fluid and drainage containment. Comes with attached 2000 ml drainage system for measuring and collecting fluids. Chemical resistant PVC liner. It folds up and is disposable.


  • Measures blood loss - patient evaluation
  • Exceeds OSHA standards for blood borne pathogens
  • Safety for your staff - no fluids on the floor
  • Reduces down time and area turn around time
  • Reduce cleanup cost (gurney, laundry, floor)


  • Folding, disposable
  • Lightweight polypropylene frame (2 lbs.)
  • Heat welded 2000 ml drainage system
  • Chemical resistant 6 mil PVC
  • Sets up in 5 seconds
  • Easily stored


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